Facade Restoration


A complete building restoration solution for stone and brick facades, historical weathering details retained, buildings restored without losing its past. Sensitive masonry restoration to help buildings live into the future. Our methods are aligned BS 8221-1:2012: Cleaning and surface repair of your buildings.

Sympathetic building restoration solutions in line with the philosophy of Historic England, we restore sandstone, limestone, brick, and terracotta. We work with the condition of the building, adjusting cleaning methods to suit the condition of the masonry, ensuring to create a balanced finish without over-cleaning or damaging the façade.

Onsite facade cleaning test trials are essential in creating pre-project clarity and cost certainty, this process enables us to collectively build greater understanding. We will always seek to understand why you are looking to restore your building façade, this will enable us to build a clear vision of how we can help you whilst working within any listed building, conservation guidelines, planning issues or restrictions. Methods of cleaning are reviewed, risk and limitations of each method discussed so you understand what you can and can’t achieve from your project.