Awning Canopy Cleaning

Awnings/Canopy's in London suffer from high traffic pollution, pigeons, sticky sap from trees, and mould which doesn't help the look of your commercial premises. We use detergent and 100% purified water directly from our vehicles to your awnings making them look Immaculate, really standing out from the rest.

We use 100% purified water. The reason for this is the water is designed to absorb dirt, meaning we don't have to use so much water or too much detergent, as this is better for the environment

We offer an out of hours service and are able to carry out the work early in the morning, late evening, nights, or weekends, whichever time is most convenient for your business. You do not need to be open for us to carry out the work.

Our vans are fully equipped which enables us to arrive and clean without needing to ask you for power or water.

Before and after cleaning

We start by washing the awnings with our own made purified water. We then use our detergent to wash and clean the awnings. Then we will wash off the detergent and any excess dirt. So now your awnings are perfectly clean we will then wash down your windows and frames, then clean them so now the awnings and front are all clean.

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Awnings Cleaning